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Focus on logistics sorting equipment production

THROUGHISO9001:2016International quality system certification


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Intelligent sorting equipment new choice Wuxi Shengmai Yi Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., LTD
  • Years of production experience

    ·Have professional and technical personnel

    ·Focus on intelligent sorting logistics equipment production

    ·Application: e-commerce express, logistics and transportation equipment production and processing

  • 量身打造专业方案设计
    Quality assurance, customizable

    ·The company has passed iso9001:2016 international quality system certification

    ·Products based on domestic and foreign markets, with advanced systematic production equipment

    ·Strict control of each process, a variety of specifications, can be customized.


  • check
  • process
  • develop
  • reliable
  • Stable product performance

    ·Strong r & D capability and growing manufacturing capability to develop new products.

    ·Strictly control each process.

    ·Help customers select, design and manufacture.

  • 完善的服务售后保障制度
    Perfect service system

    ·Professional after-sales service, 7*24 hours online consulting services.


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Wuxi Shengmai Yi Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., LTD

The company is located in the land of fish and rice south of the Yangtze River, beautiful taihu Lake, Wuxi Xidong New Town an Town...
Is a focus on intelligent sorting logistics equipment research and development, production of professional manufacturers; Passed iso9001:2016 International Quality System certification...


Production equipment With strong technical force, professional design, production manufacturers
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A flow line is a handling machine that continuously conveys goods in a certain line, so it is also called a conveyor line or conveyor. According to the product series conveyed conveying line can be roughly divided into: belt assembly line, chain plate line, p.........

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For warehouses with a large amount of in and out every day, the traditional manual warehousing operation method may not meet the requirements of a large number of goods in and out. Intelligent warehouses can not only save personnel costs, but also help enterp...........
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A flow line is a handling machine that continuously conveys goods in a certain line, so it is also called a conveyor line or conveyor. According to the product series conveyed conveying line can be roughly divided into: belt assembly line, chain plate line, p...........
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Roller conveyors are easy to connect and filter, and can be used for multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special machines to form a complex logistics conveying system to complete the process needs of many aspects.........
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The main component of the logistics smart sorting line conveyor is the conveyor belt or conveyor, whose main role is to make the goods to be sorted through the control device, classification device, and both sides of the conveyor device, generally to be conne...........
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The speed of social development is fast, and the production process is gradually accelerating, and such production speed is mainly due to the use of production line equipment, which is the key equipment to improve work efficiency and make the division of work...........
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With the rapid development of e-commerce, people enjoy the convenience of online shopping and also want to get their carefully selected items as soon as possible. This brings challenges to logistics and distribution. Due to the size of the warehouse, the numb...........
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